Introducing Imam Reza (AS) Educational, Research and Treatment Center library

Hospital library is active in providing staff resources (Persian and English) aiming at creating appropriate services so that library books and information about the publication and service to faculty, students and personnel in the fields of medicine are provided properly.

Library Job description - Journals of 2007

  • Develop policies and guidelines for different parts of the library

  • Selection policies, preparing and setting order magazines and library books

  • Reconstruction, restoration and binding damaged books and magazines or documents

  • Times and prepared training programs for librarians

  • Providing statistics and reports to the Department

  • The provision of an atmosphere designed to create the appropriate equipment and library development

Library Features

Year of establishment: 1977
Location: Hospital, ground floor complex of Imam Reza (AS)
Library Area: 815 sq.m.
Borrowing sector area: 75 square meters
Library reference & reservoir Section: 150 square meters
Men study hall area: 145 m
Capacity: 115 table and chairs
Women study hall area: 106 m
Capacity: 80 table and chairs

Library management

Active in:

Preparing, collecting and making available books, journals, and magazines to scientific and educational reference customers needs, applying precise monitoring and implementation of regulations, purchasing and ordering books and journals required to satisfy students and faculties' needs, and purchasing equipment and library resources